Conrad Acosta III

Once a wonder of the world, the great city of Azenaria now stands blackened and dead. Her streets, once paved with gold, are now filled with the wreckage of crumbling buildings and the invading armies of nature.

Deep beneath the ruin and decay, lies an ancient power that threatens the destruction of an ancient race known as O'orn. Only the three Ritchell men can decide the fate of the O'orn, but it will take three generations for the fight to be decided.

Landar, and his sons, Brevlin and Danshaw, are trying their best to get on with their lives years after their wife and mother died. When secrets from a generation past come back to haunt them, they are violently torn apart from each other. Separately, they must fight against an evil that not only wants to destroy them, but wants to undo the lives they have created.

Will you be able to reveal the terrible secret of Azenaria before it is too late?

         You will get lost in Azenaria
             Just pray you can find your way out

A full refund will be given to anyone trapped in Azenaria after the sun goes down.
No refund will be given if you are captured by the Chumra.

Book II of this epic fantasy series, "Memories of O'orn", will soon be available.

* * *   See what some survivors are saying about their journey in Azenaria   * * *

  "This is a well written book! I enjoyed reading it - the characters are well thought out, and the world this takes place in is easy to imagine. I'm looking forward to reading more about the characters from Azenaria and "seeing" more of the world he's created!"

  "This is one novel I thoroughly enjoyed. Several time-lines are presented. Once you figure out the author knows exactly where he's going, you'll discover in a page or two that the answer is laid out right there for you. This is part of what I enjoyed; a satisfying mystery. In a short while, the pages turn themselves, and I for one, found it difficult to put down. So, get some tea or coffee, take up residence in your favorite chair, bring the Dramamine and strap in; it's gonna be a wild ride!"

  "The story itself was very intriguing. I really liked how Acosta wove through the three timelines. I liked the mysteries presented, and when we got to the "future" story line, I really liked where it went towards the end (on the mountain). The use of memories and dreams as guiding factors was also interesting. While I didn't find the character as fully fleshed out/three dimensional as they should've been, they were still good enough to make you root and hope for them; carry you through the story."

  "I enjoyed it very much. I was pushed for time but found myself looking forward to the next chance I had to find out more. Now, I find myself looking forward to the next instalment, which is hinted at the end of Dreams of Azenaria. So many questions remain to be answered. The narrative is very strong but I feel that the characters need to be fleshed out much more. All in all though, a good read with good prospects for the future."

Copyright 2013 by Conrad Acosta III

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