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The world spins.  Nothing we do can stop it.  The tides ebb and flow.  Nothing we do can prevent it.  There are certain laws, certain rules, that must be followed.  These rules cannot be broken.  They cannot be changed.  The Balance must be kept.

When Azoth decided to break the balance, he had moved far beyond the need for world domination.  He no longer wanted to rule a tiny world of darkness.  Somewhere, deep inside himself, he knew, he understood, the consequences of destroying that balance.  He hated the world, and the O’orn, so deeply, that he had convinced himself it must all go away.  He had moved far beyond rational thought.  When he made his agreement with Fanquizar, there was no rational thought involved.  He was an empty man, filled with nothing but hatred and burning rage.

When he took her as a sacrifice to Fanquizar, he wanted nothing but the destruction of her and all of her people.  When he finally possessed her and sensed her power, he was dumbstruck.  He suddenly wanted her power for himself, and his agreement with the dark god became as ashes blowing in the wind.  He thought he could possess her and her power, and keep it for himself.  There was no rational thought involved.

Azoth was wrong, of course.  O’orn, all O’orn, must be completely destroyed.  He could not keep any part of it for himself.  When he finally realized this, he had finally crossed over from humanity.  He was no longer a man.  He was the darkness, and his only chance, his only hope of survival, was for the balance to be destroyed.


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