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The temple at the heart of Azenaria is not just a place of worship.  It is a gateway.  It is the only place in this world where Fanquizar can enter the world of mortal man.  It is the only place in this world where Azoth can feel the black hatred that his master has for this world.  The black hatred that sustains him.  It is the only place in this world where the darkness has any chance of destroying the light.

Like the temple of Azenaria, the temple at the heart of O’orn is also a gateway.  Unlike Azenaria, this temple is the gateway that Fa’Aln uses to fight the darkness.

Until Azoth is victorious in conquering the world, his master is powerless to enter the hearts and minds of men, and to turn them to him.  However, the same rules apply to Fa’Aln.  He cannot force any man to turn to the light.  It is up to the Az-Anan and the O’orn to convince the men and women of the world to follow the light, or the dark.

So far, the world has remained in balance.  Fa’Aln understands the importance of that balance.  Fanquizar does not care.  It is for this reason, that the O’orn must struggle so terribly to maintain the balance.  The darkness has the power of a god behind it.  The light does not.  Fa’Aln will not intervene to force the balance to be ruined.  The O’orn must continue to fight against the darkness, the Az-Anan, and their evil god, while at the same time, convince mankind to follow the light and maintain the balance.

It is an eternal struggle.  As long as the balance exists, Azoth and Fanquizar will fight against it.  If the balance ends, the O’orn and the world will be destroyed.

How will the O’orn keep up the fight?  How can they hope to defeat Azoth and the Az-Anan and their god?  The only hope of the O’orn lies in one person, one of their own.  Only he can overcome the darkness.  Only he will be able to confront the demons of Azoth and Fanquizar.


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