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Deep beneath the ruins of Azenaria are miles, perhaps hundreds of miles, of caves.  During his reign, Azoth and his Az-Anan used these caves for terrible rituals devoted to the dark god Fanquizar.  After the destruction of Azenaria, when the world believed that Azoth had lost his power, he had actually given up his life to Fanquizar.  His mortal body slept in the deepest part of the caves for many years.  When he awoke, he had been imbued with power from his dark god.  He knew it was time for a new reign to begin.

His hatred for the O’orn burned in his blood.  He, and his followers began secretly capturing and imprisoning the O’orn.  Death was too good for them.  He wanted to own their living souls.  When he discovered that most of the O’orn had escaped him, he begged Fanquizar to give a small number of his followers the power to travel in the storm.  He called these special Az-Anan warriors, Storm Chasers.  Using his Storm Chasers, he finally discovered where the O’orn had fled, and again began to slowly capture them, stealing their power, and their life.  He was a patient man and the knowledge of his coming victory was sweet.  He could wait.  Soon, he would have every living O’orn in his possession, and their spiritual power would be his.


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