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Somewhere beyond the realm of mortal man, there is a place for those who serve the gods.  In this sanctuary, those disciples meet together and discuss how the world must turn in order for the balance to be kept.  Here, in this crystal palace, the followers of Fanquizar and the followers of Fa’Aln do not serve their gods.  Here, they only serve the balance.  The balance must be kept, else the world will cease to be.

Now, the universe has been thrown into chaos.  Azoth and Fanquizar have betrayed the balance, and now Azoth has been taken from the world.  It may be too late for the balance to be restored.  There is only one hope.  The O’orn must survive.  If the world is to survive, the O’orn must be made whole.  The destruction of the O’orn means the destruction of the world.


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