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Morgan stood on the beach and stared out at the horizon.  He could barely tell where the sky ended and the water began.  He wondered what it would be like to live in that underwater world.  It seemed so peaceful and serene.  To say his last few years had been hectic would be an understatement.  He felt paralyzed, trapped, by his now legendary status as the greatest student the battle school had seen since Trelon himself.  When he had failed to make the cut last year, Trelon had personally told him to return, that this would be his year.  Trelon was right.  This was Morgan’s year, and now he needed to get out.

It was rare for a failed student to return to the school.  If you failed, it meant you were done.  However, because Morgan was so young, and had performed so well for his age, Trelon had given him this almost unprecedented second chance.  He had not spoken to his family in almost three years.  He missed them dearly, especially his little sister.  Now, staring out at the flat blue water, he knew he would never see them again.  He had just received a piece of paper that had changed his life forever.  A simple piece of paper that would change the world.

The Eagle.  Morgan had dreamed of being a famous mercenary since he was a child.  The Eagle wanted him.  He couldn’t believe it.  He had not slept since he received that piece of paper yesterday afternoon.  It couldn’t be real.  He had read it so many times, every word was burned into his mind.  Not only had The Eagle heard of him, but The Eagle wanted him.  He knew he would leave.  He knew he would follow The Eagle.  He would leave the battle school, and his family, and his entire life behind.  He would forever be remembered as a deserter and a coward.

His life was going to change, but he had no idea how terrible those changes were going to be.


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